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Is this you?

  • My leadership team is not on the same page
  • I am working in a stressful environment and not performing
  • I think it’s time I got a new career!
  • We don’t understand why we are not achieving what we know we can
  • Some of our teams are broken
  • I have good team members that could be great

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C-I-T Services

  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Bespoke Workshops and Programs
  • Career Transition and Outplacement
  • Home of The Prosperous Mind

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  • Margie is an exceptional career coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. Margie cares! She is genuine and wants the best for you. She makes a difference! I'd recommend Margie to anyone who wants caring, constructive advice that guides you to a better future!

    National Director - Leadership Performance
  • Margie I really enjoy the workshops and our sessions. There are a few people I know in my situation or who have gone through a recent cataclysmic event who would benefit from this book you recommended and haven't had the pleasure of working with you for guidance. Thanks Margie you are a real support at this time. You make me feel more comfortable in this time of transition.

    OHS Consultant, November 2014
  • You have given me a chance to refocus and recharge. You have been a great help.

    Executive, Non-Profit, December 2014
  • Regarding our recent program, I got a lot out of it and really happy that I did it. I already have a list of people I'm engaging with and I feel well prepared for the discussions I am having. I get the question "so what are you going to do now" and I am ready to respond to this.

    CEO, Resources
  • I recently completed the C-I-T program and would recommend it to any leader at a road block in their career who is wondering how to make the right next step. The C-I-T program helped me think holistically about what is important in my life and understand where my work fits in. It gave me new insights into the critical things I need to look for in any role to be successful. Margie's deep commercial experience also showed through, in her practical advice.

    CEO, Resources
  • My first contact with Margie was as a post-graduate recruit and since that time I have been fortunate to build an enduring professional association with her over the past 14 years. Margie’s cross industry knowledge and experience, her considered and practical advice and unique ability to ask the ‘right’ clarifying questions at various change points in my career, have been invaluable as I’ve transitioned from graduate hire to an executive team leader today. She has exceptional skills in defining the most optimal career paths and determining other areas where an individual might best be suited. For anyone wishing to take that next career step or change career path, I would recommend Margie’s CIT service without hesitation.

    Executive Manager, Corporate Communications, February 2014.

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Margie over several years. Margie's approach is a good mix of pragmatism and innovation which helps deliver successful outcomes for people and business. I am continuously impressed with the long-term relationship approach Margie takes to support achieving the best all round outcomes.

    General Manager HR, Resources