C-I-T Founder, Margie Ireland

C-I-T inspires individuals to to accept and embrace change resulting in a healthier working life. We work with professionals and executives who are experiencing stress or turmoil in their professional pursuits. We help re-build confidence, career direction, and develop self-insight regarding behaviours at work that are influencing others and their individual performance. C-I-T only uses effective evidenced-based tools and we help our clients reform professional networks, confidence in what they have to offer with a step by step plan that transforms their short and long term career performance and wellbeing at work.

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As I pondered how I would develop a unique career coaching and counseling business I realised, I too had been “stuck” and unhappy in two past careers. At 43 years of age I quit a successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment to become a full time undergraduate psychology student. I was “stuck” in a job and career that wasn’t my passion, but my fear of the unknown kept me there longer than I had planned. My research, professional experience and personal experience in transforming my professional life, all form part of C-I-T services and programs.   Margie Ireland.


  • Career Counselling (All ages)
  • Performance Coaching (All levels)
  • Career Transition and Outplacement
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Career Change Workshops

What Others Say about us

  • Values driven, always looking for solutions and how to help people be the best they can be, holistic and caring, considerate and thoughtful.  You value and demonstrate respect and integrity

    SR, December 2015
  • Dedication, persistence, insight.  The conscience on my shoulder, providing pathways to achieving career goals

    SP, December 2015
  • See things, situations, challenges, opportunities through a lens that your client may not. 
Take a different perspective based on your experiences.

    CN September, 2015
  • Genuine interest in others.  Demonstrate integrity, respect and thoughtfulness

    DB, December, 2015
  • Individual personalized care

    SP, December 2015
  • Navigating career and professional purpose

    CN, September 2015