More recently I have found educating leaders and their teams about the benefits of compassion leading to greater cohesion, trust and performance.  Most people misunderstand the meaning of compassion for self and others.  It isn’t about having an in-house massage or wellness day (although a great idea), it is about accessing that part of yourself that has kindness and acceptance for others, noticing that a grumpy person might be a very stressed or anxious person, and instead of avoiding them or telling them off, offering assistance.  Self-compassion is exactly the same, but doing it for ourselves – which we are all very, very bad at.  When you were feeling angry or upset, did you tell yourself off or give yourself a mental hug?  We do it for others all the time.

At work it is about doing both.  Here are 10 tips for you.

I hope this is of value, Warmly, Margie.