Making purposeful connections makes sense….

  • 84% percent of global respondents across 58 countries in the 2013 online survey said “word-of-mouth” was the most trustworthy recommendation
  • 68% ranked online recommendations as their 3rd most trusted source.
  • Only 20-25% of job opportunities make it to the open job market.
  • This means 75-80% of people are finding new roles through their networks.

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At C-I-T we show you how easy it is to rebuild and create connections and give you the confidence to grow your own professional network. Building connections at work improves employee wellbeing and can be helpful when exploring new career opportunities. We provide this through one-on-one coaching and group workshops.


  • Margie has the ability to engage all levels, from on the ground to CEO.

    General Manger, Group Assurance
  • Margie is well networked and experienced.

    General Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Margie is goal orientated, ability to juggle multiple priorities, able to build connections.

    General Manager, Group Assurance
  • I felt well prepared for important career discussions after completing Margie’s program

    CEO, Resources
  • My first contact with Margie was as post-graduate recruit and since that time I have been fortunate to build an enduring professional association with her over the past 14 years.

    Executive Director, Marketing and Comms Non for Profit