Leadership Coaching Tip and 360 Feedback

While conducting some recent research regarding Leadership performance and 360 Feedback, effectiveness I came across a recent study that explored the differences in behaviour change in the workplace, between:

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  • Training Effectiveness
  • Managerial Training
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching was shown to be as effective as Training Effectiveness, but demonstrated a greater effect than Managerial Training and 360 degree feedback.

I decided to critically evaluate the findings, as I wanted to understand how the authors came to this conclusion.

The Ashton Business School meta-analysis study reviewed 24 studies, involving 2724 participants.

In Summary identified between Executive Coaching, 360 Feedback and Training was the following:
  • Training staff is effective, well received and results in positive learning and behavior change.
  • Managerial Training alone has a lower effect.
  • Managerial Training has a low to moderate effect when a target behavior is identified and results measured.
  • 360-degree feedback has a very low effect due to ambiguous measures and inexperienced raters, and/or managers with low coaching ability.
  • 360-degree feedback will only be moderately effective for some based on personality factors such as a person’s level of self-efficacy (high self-efficacy = acceptance of feedback).
  • Internal coaching was more effective when multi-source feedback was excluded.
  • Executive Coaching that is flexibly designed and delivered has a moderate to high effect.
  • Executive Coaches who have a deep understanding of the workings of an organisation have an equal effect to Training effectiveness.
  • Coaching via Skype or Telephone facilitated a confidential environment.

What the research suggests is that most organisations are going to achieve better results through their people if they incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to improve staff performance. Such as:

Leadership Performance ideas:
  • Training offered to all staff where performance is measured before and 3, 6 and 12 months later to investigate if there have been improvements. This allows the business to explore if the time and money invested has been a good return on investment (ROI) for the business.
  • “Coach the Coach” – train Managers to be more effective in setting specific targets for themselves and their staff that are not ambiguous and help them to deliver 360-feedback in an effective way.
  • Engage a coaching program that is tailored to the individual that can be delivered in person and via phone or Skype.
  • Partner with or employ a Coach who has developed a variety of approaches from evidence-based theories, who can be considered part of the business and help Leaders deliver 360 feedback effectively.

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Margie Ireland
Leadership Coaching