Executive Coaching

Being an Executive can be a lonely place with few people you can trust to problem solve, seek input and advice and help you navigate during times of stress towards greater performance.  The Prosperous Mind & Workplace  framework transforms individual, team and organisational performance resulting in short- and long-term sustainable change.

All Executive Coaching Programs are tailored to the individual with the following outcomes:

• Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness
• Increased confidence and skills in key stakeholder management and engagement
• Skills and confidence to have difficult conversations with positive outcomes
• Improve ability to receive and give feedback to Leadership team/s
• Build trust among Executive and Board leading to faster goal achievement
• Manage stress effectively and improve resilience
• Increased accountability for behaviours, actions and outcomes
• Clarity regarding values, purpose and short and long-term goals
• Skills and clear strategy of how to overcome obstacles
• Ability to lead team members towards important goals
• Clear action plan to achieve important short and long-term goals

The Evidence:

Transformation involves processes such as new thinking, commitment and purpose which can positively influence (and inspire) new behaviour.

Inspiration energises and motivates us to overcome obstacles so that we can pursue important and valued goals

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