Do you know someone stuck or lost in their career?

  • Inspiration is evoked and can help us overcome our perceived limitations of what we can do and achieve.
  • Inspiration energises and motivates new behaviour so that we can pursue important and valued goals.
  • Working towards valued goals and what is important to us, inspires us to overcome obstacles and therefore achieve more.

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At C-I-T we help uncover what inspires you, and the values most important to you so that you have more choices in what represents a more meaningful and successful career. We deliver this in one-on-coaching, 360 degree feedback and team building workshops.


  • Margie provides a real sense of motivation to change.

    General Manager, HR - Utilities
  • Margie inspires others as her energy levels are contagious and she motivates people to be better

    General Manger, Group Assurance
  • Integrity. Margie says and does

    Executive General Manager, Communications
  • Margie inspires others to have a go. She can show you that great things can happen if you throw your hat in the ring and take the left turn instead of always turning right out of habit.

    General Manager, Communications and Strategy