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As a leader the expectation is to lead by example and deliver results, even during times of stress.  The most common challenge I have found this creates is a Leader’s  ability to balance individual, team and organisational goal achievement, regardless of the context. See my blog here on Most leaders struggle to hide a bad day New leaders sometimes struggle with the change of relationship from peer to “boss”. Margie Ireland, Leadership Coach & Psychologist.

We are passionate about helping Leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, how to navigate through these, and create teams built on trust and accountability that lead to short and long term individual and team results.  We provide practical strategies based on scientific evidence from The Prosperous Mind & Workplace  framework which aims to provide short and long term sustainable change.

All Leadership Coaching Programs are tailored to the individual with the following outcomes:
  • Increased self-awareness regarding Leadership style
  • Increased confidence in having difficult conversations with team members
  • Confidence in running meetings or public speaking
  • How to use 180 and 360 feedback effectively
  • Improve ability to receive and give feedback
  • How to build trust with their team where goals are achieved faster
  • Manage stress effectively and improve resilience
  • Skills in helping team members achieve important goals, even during times of stress
  • Practical priority management planning to balance individual and team priorities
  • Increased accountability for behaviours, actions and outcomes
  • Clarity regarding values, purpose and short and long-term goals
  • Skills and clear strategy of how to overcome obstacles
  • Ability to lead team members towards important goals
  • Clear action plan including 30 and 90 day actions towards 1, 5 and 10 year goals.

The Evidence:

  • 360 and mulit-rater feedback research tells us, that over 90% of Leaders are actually far more transparent at work than we think.
  • This suggest that less than 10% of Leaders have self-awareness around their Leadership style

Program Structure and Costs:

  • Our programs are tailored to the individual goals
  • Typically these are 6 or 12 month programs
  • Sessions are 1-1.5 hours, typically meeting every 3-6 weeks
  • Sessions are conducted in person or via videoconference
  • A multi-parting meeting with the Leader’s direct report can be included prior to coaching commencement
  • Activities or “homework” is provided after each session
  • Most programs provide email and phone support in between sessions
  • Program costs range from $3.5K – $9.5K + GST.

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  • Clients from C-I-T programs often embrace transformation as a final step towards a prosperous professional success.
  • We deliver this through one-on-one coaching, team workshops and tailored short and long term programs.

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