Team Building & Performance

The most common factor I have found to negatively impact team performance is a breakdown in communication. Particularly during times of change or stress, or both!  This leads to avoidance, procrastination, defensiveness, absenteeism, unwanted resignations and low performance.

I am passionate about helping Leadership teams get back on the same page so that individuals and organisations can achieve important and aspirational goals. Margie Ireland, Founder C-I-T and The Prosperous Mind & Workplace. 

The Prosperous Mind & Workplace  is an evidence-based framework that provides outcomes such as:

  • A new depth of trust across Leadership teams
  • Leaders spending less time procrastinating and “doing”
  • Faster and more effective decision making
  • Leaders effectively managing conflict and difficult conversations
  • How to work as a cohesive team during times of stress and change
  • Less Gossip
  • Increased Accountability and Results

The results are delivered through:

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Leadership Performance Coaching – Individual and Group
  • Problem Behaviour Analysis
  • 360 Feedback
  • Coach the Coach
  • Offsite Team Retreats / Conferences

All of our services us evidenced-based tools that have been developed into practical frameworks that meet day-to-day operational demands, that can be tailored and embedded for any organisation resulting in short and long-term sustainable change. 

The Evidence:

  • Working towards valued goals and what is important to us, inspires us to overcome obstacles and therefore achieve more.
  • The research indicates that employees who engage as a team experience less sick leave, greater performance and overall well-being.

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Clients from C-I-T programs often embrace transformation as a final step towards a prosperous professional success. We deliver this through one-on-one coaching, team workshops and tailored short and long term programs.

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