The Prosperous Workplace

The Prosperous Mind & Workplace is an opportunity to understand and explore what holds us back from pursuing important work and life goals, and new strategies to get there. The Prosperous Mind & Workplace was created by Margie Ireland, Founder of C-I-T, as a result of extensive research into what factors influence Leaders’ ability to achieve more. If you would like to know more about this research, contact Margie here margie@connect-inspire-transform.comThe Prosperous Mind & Workplace offers a commercial and psychological lens regarding individual and team pursuits that are tailored for individuals and organisations including the practise of evidence-based skills to achieve more. The Prosperous Mind & Workplace is offered in one-on-one Coaching, Team Workshops and 360 Feedback.

Who is The Prosperous Mind & Workplace for?
  • Organisations wanting to maximise the potential of their Leaders and teams
  • Leadership teams not on the same page
  • CEO or Head of People and Change wanting to create a culture that inspires individual and team pursuits of sometimes difficult goals
  • Organisations experiencing extended or unexpected change
  • Individuals or teams demonstrating signs of stress or burnout
  • Board or Executive team requiring skills on how to build greater peer-to-peer trust that is felt company wide
  • Individual or teams that appear to be “stuck” in a cycle, resulting in conflict, procrastination and a lack of commitment which is negatively impacting performance.

Case Example:  There are good people in this organisation, but it is becoming obvious through certain behaviours (low performance, procrastination, lateness, increased absenteeism, aggression/bullying, or a number of other issues) may be the result of poor stress management, lack of confidence and motivation to perform to individual and team potential.  Recent 360 or informal feedback has confirmed this situation.  They have tried a variety of different incentive schemes, fun and interactive team building activities and flexible work, yet these don’t appear to have made much change.  The organisation and its people are looking for more richness, success and enjoyment in their work. There is also now an increased risk of redundancies and / or losing good people.  The organisation is committed to its people, uncertain of the who/what/when and how to change.

Like to trial The Prosperous Mind & Workplace? Information here for our 1 and 3 hour Team Building workshop

What will The Prosperous Mind provide:
  • Leadership team back on the same page
  • Less time procrastinating and more time achieving important goals
  • Simple – Evidence-based approaches to better manage stress at work
  • “Re-find” individual and team confidence through exploring what are important organisational values and goals
  • Effective 360 Feedback loops
  • Greater self-awareness of unhelpful individual and team behaviours impacting performance
  • How to have difficult conversations that result in greater trust, commitment, accountability and results!
  • Short and long-term sustainable change
How is The Prosperous Workplace delivered?
  • Tailored individual and team goals agreed
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Quarterly team workshops
  • Feedback loops
  • Specific evidence-based skills embedded in your culture that result in short and long term sustainable change.

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Need to get your team back on the same page now? The Prosperous Workplace – Introductory Workshop is a great way to bring a team together over a lunch. Or Contact us here to find out more.

Comments from our clients who have implemented The Prosperous Mind & Workplace


  • Margie Ireland has been working with businessDEPOT as our internal coach. Through a program around behaviour monitoring, development and accountability, Margie is assisting businessDEPOT to enhance our culture, improve performance and develop our communication and leadership skills.   Margie’s  communication style is very adaptable, clear and considered.  Margie embeds herself in the business so that she can really understand what makes the team tick.   When coaching one on one - Margie creates a safe environment that is fully inclusive.  Her coaching style is welcoming and structured.  Holding us accountable is key to personal and team success and Margie does this in a very approachable way without compromising on expectations.

    Anna Chipperfield, General Manager, The Business Depot, Sept 2017
  • Practical and Relevant (The Prosperous Mind)

    May 2017
  • All the content was explained and communicated well and I look forward to see any changes over the coming 12 months

    June 2017
  • I think given the sensitive / personal nature of the session, I believe that it was conducted in a way that made people feel comfortable and able to openly express themselves

    June 2017
  • Margie was able to bring fun to the room which makes it easier to raise difficult topics

    August 2017
  • The workshop was interactive and open

    July 2017
  • Everyone got involved in the workshop (The Prosperous Mind) and voiced their opinions

    August 2017
  • I most enjoyed the awareness (The Prosperous Mind) has given me about many aspects of the work-life balance and the challenges I face on a daily basis.

    August, 2017