• Our experience and research indicates that that when a person connects with their values and is inspired to follow their vision of a future, transformation occurs.
  • Transformation involves processes such as new thinking, commitment and purpose.
  • The research indicates that employees who engage with such processes experience less sick leave, greater performance and overall well-being.

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Clients from C-I-T programs often embrace transformation as a final step towards a more valued career.

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  • You help people navigate what the next part of their journey will look like, specifically focusing on career.

    CN September, 2015
  • Margie’s considered and practical advice and unique ability to ask the ‘right’ clarifying questions at various change points in my career, have been invaluable as I’ve transitioned from graduate hire to an executive team leader today.

    MB, February 2014
  • Ability to look at problems and challenges from a different perspective. Help people get outside the box and consider the possibilities and realize they can be much more than they realize.

    SR, December 2015