This has to be the one of the most effective and cheapest “interventions” I have found to help us achieve more.  A daily dose of Mindfulness is proving to help individuals build resilience with negative self-talk, improve attention and focus, facilitate plasticity of the brain, better manage stress and anxiety, and even reverse ageing!  In this recent Catalyst interview Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an 8 week course of Mindfulness.  He undergoes a rigorous range of brain tests and scans to prove that this particular type of Mindfulness (Mindful Meditation) lives up to the hype!  Link below.

Note, if Meditation isn’t your thing – no problem. Mindfulness can be done in many many ways. There will be activities you are doing every day that you can make Mindful.  Send me an email or note if you would like to know more about how this ancient tradition is rocking the corporate world, and can you help you or your teams achieve more.

Catalyst Interview – Mindfulness