Has the pandemic impacted your Career?


  • Feeling invisible or not being considered for promotions or new job opportunities is bad for confidence 

  • If you don’t find new ways of dealing with this it gets worse and no one wants to hire someone in a bad mindset

  • Know you need a change but don’t know where to start?

  • Feel very uncomfortable “networking” skills and value?

  • Want to be respected as a Leader and / or Executive?

  • Can’t leave job right now but need a plan to in the future?

  • Know you need a mindset shift regarding my workplace and career?

If yes to any of these, it is time to change this now. 

Career Kick Start 2020 is the best program for you. 


What can this program give you?

  • ⇒ Confidence in what you have to offer

  • ⇒ Less worry and greater positivity around new career options you haven’t thought of 

  • ⇒ How to access the hidden job market

  • ⇒ How to have a healthier mindset towards your workplace and career

  • ⇒ Practical tools on how to create an award winning resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interview!

  • ⇒ Or focus on your Leadership career – how do set yourselff up for that next promotion or Executive position 

  • ⇒ Clarity and plan for your 2020 career goals and beyond


Your Coach – Margie Ireland 

I am passionate about people and their work.  And the biggest issue I notice in
the new year is lots of people dragging themselves back to work.

I know it doesn’t have to be that way, and I can help.

I can help you stop feeling that way and instead, kick 2020 off with renewed passion and excitement with a plan to go after what you really want.

How I am doing this is by offering a very special coaching program, all live, which you can do from your home if you choose.

Margie here Live 

The more we can spread the word and start 2020 off with a bang, the better I say!

More on Career Kick Start

Career Kick Start – Outcomes

Career Kick Start – Overview

√  Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

√  3 Live Coaching sessions 

√  Access to our Library of Assessments 

√  2020 Career Plan with immediate next steps 



Refer a friend, family member of colleague and receive a second program for only $499 + GST.   

Past Career Coaching clients have said:

 Margie is brilliant at working with individuals to identify their passions and put in a plan in place to maximise their potential in any work situation. I have witnessed Margie successfully working with a number of colleagues make their next career move, that better reflects their passion and effectively utilises their skill set. Margie gets results for the organisation as well as the individual. I would not hesitate to use her services again.  CEO, Non For Profit 2019

 Margie is an exceptional career coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. Margie cares! She is genuine and wants the best for you. She makes a difference! I’d recommend Margie to anyone who wants caring, constructive advice that guides you to a better future! National HR Manager, 2019

 I recently completed the C-I-T program and would recommend it to any leader at a road block in their career who is wondering how to make the right next step. The C-I-T program helped me think holistically about what is important in my life and understand where my work fits in. It gave me new insights into the critical things I need to look for in any role to be successful. Margie’s deep commercial experience also showed through, in her practical advice. Manager, Resources, 2018

Kick Start Now! 

Very Important. I am opening this up for a short time, due to other commitments at a very special price and offer.

Normal price will return March 1st 2020.

YES Please! 

I want to take advantage of this offer!

To secure you spot register and pay here.
Program Options

Email + Name of 2nd person

Commonly asked questions

What happens if I pay and register by January 13th?

You can get 2 programs with the second at 50% off the already discounted price. Yes, $299 + GST.

What happens if I pay and register by February 28th?

You get the program for $599 + GST (normally $999+GST).  The normal price will return March 1st. 

How do I schedule my first and subsequent sessions?

You will be sent a link to my online booking page. You can book 1 or all of your sessions here. And you can start NOW or Later. However we would recommend booking you first session even if it is a few weeks away.  

How much time before each session?

I would recommend one week.  You will be given some “homework” to do, which may require some time to reflect or do some research.

I paid before February 28th, how does my friend / family member/ colleague access the program?

Once you have paid, you should receive a request for your friend / colleagues’s contact information within 24 hours. If you haven’t please email me directly at margie@connect-inspire-transform.com with the details please.

How much notice to reschedule sessions?

This is very important. I do require 48 hours notice to reschedule sessions otherwise the session is forfeited. Like you, I have lots to schedule each day.  However if you are ill or something unforeseen occurs on the day, as long as you give me 2 hours notice you won’t lose that session.

How long do I have to complete my program?

3 months.  You won’t receive the full benefit of the program if there are long breaks in between sessions.

What if my circumstances change before I start and no longer need the program (e.g., get a new job, the issue at work has “left the building”, or my situation has changed)?

This program is customised to your needs and situation. Therefore if you get the job you want, the focus is on setting your 2020 goals to have huge success in your new role.  Or if you start the program with a focus on your current role but for whatever reason end up in a new role or organisation, that’s okay we will reset together!

Or does your Team need a Kick Start for 2020?  

Team Kick Start is also here!  

If you are looking for a program where your team can Kick Ass in 2020, check this out! 

And meet me, your Coach, Margie Ireland.

Why trust me?

“Almost 10 Years ago I decided to give up a highly successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment and become a part and then full-time Psychology student. Back then my self-belief to make this change was very, very low. I struggled in high school and didn’t think I would even get in to uni, let alone graduate. I ended up not only getting in, but I received a Distinction for my thesis and have helped hundreds of people transform their careers.  I love my work, and feel very lucky I found my passion. And you can too! 

I am passionate about people and their work and cannot wait to help as many people as I possibly can have greater success, joy and prosperity @ Work.” Margie Ireland, Career Coach & Psychologist.