If Leaders don’t know there is a gap, how can we expect them to change?


What is effective and leads to change?


  • Training all staff?

  • Leadership/Management Training?

  • 360 degree feedback?

  • Leadership Coaching?


A recent study explored these.



The Ashton Business School meta-analysis study reviewed 24 studies, involving 2724 participants to understand what resulted in greater behaviour change in the workplace. 

  • Training staff is effective, well received and results in positive learning and behavior change.
  • Leadership / Management  training alone has a lower effect.
  • Leadership / Management training has a low to moderate effect when a target behaviour is identified and results measured.
  • 360-degree feedback alone has a very low effect due to ambiguous measures and low knowledge of how to use the tool and provide feedback effectively.
  • 360-degree feedback effectiveness may be influenced by personality factors such as level of confidence in one’s ability to perform or change.
  • Internal coaching was more effective when multi-source feedback was excluded.
  • Leadership Coaching that is flexibly designed and delivered has a moderate to high effect.
  • Leadership Coaches who have a deep understanding of the workings of an organisation have an equal effect to Training effectiveness.
  • Coaching via Skype or Telephone facilitated a confidential environment (note, I didn’t quite understand the relevance of this to the whole study but it was mentioned).


In short

A multidisciplinary approach


Leaders with the skills and confidence to have coaching conversations



In more detail: 

  • Training offered to ALL staff where performance is measured before and 3, 6 and 12 months later (e.g, 360 or mult-rater) to investigate if there have been improvements. This allows the business to explore if the time and money invested has been a good return on investment (ROI) for the business.
  • “Coach the Coach” – train Leaders to be more effective in setting specific targets for themselves and their staff that are not ambiguous and help them to deliver 360-feedback in an effective way.
  • Engage a coaching program that is tailored to the individual that can be delivered in person and via phone or Skype.
  • Partner with or employ a Coach “the Coach” who is able to apply a variety of evidence-based approaches, including Training, Coaching and 360-Feedback. (Not kidding, this was in the research!)


More questions?

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I hope this information has been of value. I believe most people desire to reach their potential. My passion is to help as many as I can achieve this, so more of us can have greater prosperity in our work and lives. If you share this belief and passion please spread the word and this post.


Margie Ireland
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