Margie Ireland
Founder C-I-T

Leadership & Career Coach | Psychologist

10 years ago I decided to give up a highly successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment and become a part and then full-time Psychology student. Back then my self-belief to make this change was very low. I struggled in high school and only just scraped through and wasn’t confident my application to commence study would be accepted. I was delighted when it was, and then was happy to get through the 1stSemester and later received a Distinction for my thesis exploring Leadership Performance and Wellbeing. Tick!  Six years later, after going through my divorce, losing my father (to mental health), and a financial tsunami I reached my goal to become a fully registered Psychologist. I am still pinching myself.  I am passionate about people and their work and cannot wait to help as many people as I possibly can have greater Prosperity @ Work.

C-I-T transforms individual and team performance for medium to large organisations.

  • I develop leadership capability during change and stressful periods resulting in greater performance and a healthier working life.
  • I help professionals and executives who are stuck or need support progressing to the next level.
  • We bring trust back into teams, and help teams develop self-insight regarding behaviours at work that are influencing others and their individual performance.
  • C-I-T only uses effective evidenced-based tools where my clients receive a step by step plan that transforms short and long term individual, team and organisational performance.

My approach is authentic resulting in connected teams, inspired leaders that together transform organisations.

I deliver this through one-on-one coaching, team workshops and tailored short and long term programs.


What Others Say About Us

  • Margie’s approach and programs are values driven, and she is always looking for solutions and how to help people be the best they can be, holistic and caring, considerate and thoughtful. She demonstrates living to values, respect and integrity

    General Manager, Group Assurance
  • Dedication, persistence, insight. Margie is the conscience on my shoulder, providing pathways to achieving career goals

    General Manager, Resources
  • She sees things, situations, challenges, opportunities through a lens that a client may not. Take a different perspective based on your experiences

    General Manager, Communications and Strategy
  • Margie has a genuine interest in others. She demonstrate integrity, respect and thoughtfulness

    General Manager, HR Utilities
  • Individual personalised care

    National Director, Sports and Performance
  • Margie navigates career and professional purpose

    General Manager, Communications and Strategy