Build Better Leadership Program

Live – Online – Do from home

We believe that most people wish to reach their potential but from time to time need some guidance to get there.

We want to support all potential, regardless of location, level or budget. 

What is the Better Leader Program?

The Better Leader Program is a step by step framework specifically designed to help existing and potential Leaders improve their confidence, skills and approach resulting in greater team and organisational performance. Even during times of high stress and change. 

This program is based on 25+ years of experience working with Leaders combined with evidence-based research and our proven methodology that relates to human performance in the workplace and the psychology behind our actions that influence our potential.

Until now our Leadership Expert and Coach, Margie Ireland, only offered coaching programs to senior Leaders and people who could could come to us.

The Better Leader Program is a Live 1-1 Coaching Program available to potential and existing Leaders, anywhere in the world at an affordable cost.

We want to help more people everywhere reach their potential. 

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How Margie Ireland, Leadership Expert and Coach helped us.

Does this sound like you or your people?


This program can transform leaders to be better, reach their potential and head towards Better Leadership. 

What do Better Leaders have in common?

  • Self-aware of leadership style and able to adapt their approach resulting in greater team engagement and performance
  • Have confidence and skill to have courageous conversations that help team members move towards their potential
  • Use Self-care strategies during times of stress and change that they can teach others
  • Know how to help themselves and others to unhook from problem behaviours that are impacting important goals and performance
  • Are able to set individual and team goals that result in organisational prosperity

All tailored to the individual being coached. 

What does The Better Leader Program include:


What outcomes can you expect to get?

  • Learn and develop tactics that are specific to your needs and challenges,  you can use daily to lead and impact positive change on your team
  • How to identify your unique issues with your leadership styles and solid practical strategies to fix the issues
  • Learn how to increase personal and team resilience
  • Recognise how personality differences “show up” at work during times of stress
  • Have the confidence and skill to “call out” problem behaviours
  • Create trust in teams where issues are raised where people don’t feel there will be consequences
  • Happier and more productive teams
  • Understand the skills and mindset needed to have difficult conversations
  • Understand how to manage frustration, stress & disruptive team members
  • Use your new skills to get promoted
  • Turn around a bad reputation as a poor manager

Measure Success

Measuring success is also very important to us. For this program to be effective, we want to ensure we set you and your Leaders up for success. Therefore a pre-requisite to join this program is a preliminary session with Margie, our Leadership Expert and Coach to clarify goals and expectations.

Plus Margie will will be doing ongoing measures including pre- and post the program to monitor progress and measure outcomes.

How is the program delivered?


Why does poor leadership cost you and your company?

Poor leaders cost your company money and costs individuals (you included) frustration, stress, lost job opportunities and bad reputations. No one wants to work with a leader that micro-manages, doesn’t listen or frankly just causes the team more stress and frustration.

If you do the math, poor leadership costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, cost to hire new staff, potential downtime, interruptions to team projects, poor morale that spreads like wildfire, lost supplier relationships, mistrust…. Shall we go on?

Can you and your company afford that?

It is time to change things up and take some accountability for your growth or that of others to have better leadership.

Why trust me?

“8 Years ago I decided to give up a highly successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment and become a part and then full-time Psychology student. Back then my self-belief to make this change was very, very low. I struggled in high school and only just scraped through and wasn’t confident my application to commence study would be accepted. I was delighted when it was, and then was happy to get through the 1stSemester and later received a Distinction for my thesis exploring Leadership Performance and Wellbeing. Tick!  

Since then I have continued to research what supports Leaders to reach their potential and have prosperity in their work and life.  My frameworks and methodology have proven to get results for Leaders and their teams. 

 I am passionate about people and their work and cannot wait to help as many people as I possibly can have greater Prosperity @ Work.”

This is what my happy clients tell me….

“Margie is an exceptional coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. Margie cares! She is genuine and wants the best for you. She makes a difference”

“Margie’s approach is a good mix of pragmatism and innovation which helps deliver successful outcomes for people and business”

“Margie is the best senior executive coach, because she gets results for the organisation as well as the individual”

“I most enjoyed the awareness she has given me about many aspects of the work-life balance and the challenges I face on a daily basis”

“Super practical and relevant”

Margie is able to bring some fun to this which makes it easier to raise difficult topics”

“All the content was explained and communicated well and I look forward to see any changes over the coming 12 months”

Invest in you & your people 

1 on 1 coaching programs are often limited to Senior Leaders or organisations with larger professional development budgets. And some people just don’t have the time to commute to meet a coach. This program solves all those problems.


One person $1495 AUD

(+ 10% GST if in Australia)

5+ People $995 AUD

(+10% GST if in Australia)


But first Margie wants to make sure this program is the right fit for you.

To discover if this program is right for you, it is a requirement you book a Discovery call on the Link Below.

Note: All programs are individual programs. 

Commonly asked questions

How long will this take to do?

This can be up to you, and the context of the engagement. Typically we recommend spacing sessions 2 weeks apart to give time for the person to process and implement new strategies between sessions.  However this timing may come down to availability too.  We work that out when the program starts. What we have noticed is that even after the first 2 sessions the person begins to implement change and improvements.

How can I pay?

Payment is done via Credit Card using Paypal.

How long do I have to do the program?

Once a person commences their program they have up to 6 months to complete their program.  We find anything longer impacts our ability to influence agreed goals and outcomes.

How are sessions booked?

A secure link will be provided where sessions can be booked and rescheduled. All time zones are available.  Margie is even offering times over the weekend!  If you can’t find a time that suits we will sort this out for you.

What is the Alumni program?

 This is a closed group of current and previous clients who get access to new resources and tools, and regular checkins. More details on this is coming.

Still have questions?

Jump on a quick call and let Margie walk you through it and answer any questions you have.