Leaders with a healthy Mindset = healthy teams + results


Stress, not managed well, creates negative mindsets, broken teams and bad performance


I help Leaders and their teams develop effective stress management strategies that build resilience so they can perform even during times of stress


So everyone can enjoy their work = healthy organisations and results!


– Margie Ireland –

Do you want to survive or thrive?

How I help you achieve your Leadership potential and bring your team with you?


Is this you?

Do you want to be seen as a confident, consistent and authentic Leader who inspires others to reach their potential resulting in massive success?


Do you have a Leaders who are struggling to manage stress, that may be negatively impacting others, which is leading to increased stress for you, longer hours and a sense of always feeling behind?

I see you, hear you and get you..

Even CEOs and HR leaders deserve to work in a positive environment and have time for family and friends.


I know what it is like to fear failure. I remember 2 distinct experiences when I believed I failed as a Leader. I also know what it is like to feel anxiety and stress, more often than you think you should.

I received a Distinction for my Dissertation exploring specific factors that negatively impact CEOs and Senior Leaders and how to intervene with these towards greater confidence, performance and wellbeing. I also decided to take a deep dive into my own personal approach to stress and difficult personalities, and have found renewed energy and success. 


I have seen my clients break through to be better Leaders in Resources, Financial Services, Non for Profit, and Government Owned Corporations.




My step 4 step process is:


1. Book and initial 15 min phone consult with me to establish if I am I the right person to help you, your Leader or team.



2. Yes? We then schedule a 1 hour “deep dive” chat (video conference or in person) regarding key issues and desired outcomes.



3. Allow me to provide a tailored plan



4. We execute that plan together

If you don’t act now, you are likely to have more staff turnover, declining performance and long term stress that could lead to personal and professional issues, including burnout.

Wouldn’t you rather have more energy and time?


How about being seen as one of few Leaders who promotes and creates positive and successful teams, that you, and everyone is proud of?


My programs will help you and your Leaders better manage stress, teams and important goals so you no longer feel you are failing.


Instead you and your Leaders will be seen as confident, consistent and authentic who inspire others to reach their potential and massive success.



“Margie walks her talk.  I decided to work with her because she had done the hard yards herself.” CEO, Mining and Resources


8 Years ago I decided to give up a highly successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment and become a part and then full-time Psychology student. Back then I wasn’t tapping into my potential, and my self-belief to make this change was very, very low. I struggled in high school and only just scraped through and wasn’t confident my application to commence study would be accepted. I was delighted when it was, and then was happy to get through the 1stSemester and later received a Distinction for my thesis exploring Leadership Performance and Wellbeing. Tick!  Seven years later, after going through my divorce, losing my father (to mental health), and a financial tsunami I reached my goal to become a fully registered Psychologist. I am still pinching myself.  I am passionate about people and their work and cannot wait to help as many people as I possibly can reach their potential and have greater Prosperity @ Work. Margie Ireland.

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My Graduation - 44year old Psychology Graduate. It is never too late to change!


Hi! I’m Margie Ireland.

I love what I do, and my goal in life is to help as many people as I can love their work. We spend so much time working, and my training and life experience has shown me that when we work towards our potential, everything is better. I am helping many leaders reach their potential, and their feedback after completing my programs is they have a new way of thinking and being that is immediately impacting their work and life.

The great news is clients I worked with years ago, tell me they continue to practice the strategies they have learnt as they are practical and effective.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals so you can be the leader or executive you want to be, sooner.

Leadership Coach | Workplace Psychologist
Margie Ireland.