Career Change

We offer Career Guidance and Career Change Programs from $495.
Our aim is to find a program that meets every individual, budget and schedule.


8 Years ago I decided to give up a highly successful 15 year career in Executive Recruitment and become a part and then full-time Psychology student. Back then my self-belief to make this change was very, very low.  I am still pinching myself. 

I share this story to let you know that it is possible to change careers and take all of your experience, skills, knowledge and I am sure wisdom with you!  I also completely understand the hesitation and anxiousness about leaving something you know well, that also probably pays the bills. Or perhaps you have found yourself without work, possibly due to a redundancy and overwhelmed with what to do next. I get all of this. Margie Ireland, Career Coach and Psychologist.

Margie Ireland, Founder C-I-T

You will go away with:

  • A new outlook on what your strengths and what is unique about you
  • A clear and concise way to communicate your value proposition to Recruiters and potential employers
  • A deeper dive on what your values are in relation to your professional pursuits
  • How to navigate and work well with Recruitment & Search consultants
  • A professional CV and LinkedIn profile
  • How to write cover letters and apply for positions
  • How to use LinkedIn to build your network & create MORE job opportunities
  • Confidence and skill in Networking without having to “sell” yourself!

The Evidence:

  • Up to 80% of job opportunities do not hit the open job market (e.g., job boards)
  • The Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business latest annual report regarding employment in Australia indicated that Word of Mouth was the second most common method used by employers to find talent (26%).


Not sure what to do next?  Download my free “Career Kick-start” guide or book a free initial call with me.