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Case Study

Team Performance 

Trust + commitment + accountability = Team Magic & Success


We know this.  

Most organisations aim to achieve this, and in some cases expect this. 

Most individuals desire to be their best and reach their potential.

Yet even with all this knowledge, commitment, focus and hard work, some teams don’t get there. 

Some need help and guidance on how to get there. 

Case Example

Margie Ireland, Principal Leadership Coach 

There are good people in this organisation, but it was becoming obvious through certain behaviours (procrastination, lateness, increased absenteeism, defensiveness and aggressive behaviour) may be the result of poor stress management, and a lack of confidence and ability to have difficult conversations. This was also leading to unwanted resignations. After conducting 360 and climate surveys I was able to confirm that Leaders and their people were not communicating, experiencing high levels of stress and were not feeling appreciated for their work. This organisation had tried a variety of different incentive schemes, fun and interactive team building activities and flexible work. The Executive Leadership team and HR were frustrated as they believed they largely have the right people and wanted to support them.

With the support of HR and the Leadership, I implemented The Prosperous Mind, Leader and Workplace framework and over 12 months we had a positive shift in individual 360 feedback loops, stopped 3 resignations of people the organisation valued, and trust scores amongst 3 teams, including the Executive Leadership team increased significantly which opened the door to have difficult conversations.

These are some of the results:


We help Leaders and their teams get back on the same page so that individuals and organisations can achieve important and aspirational goals. 


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