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How can you keep your team engaged during this pandemic?

This video highlights some tips for how to keep your team engaged when they are working remotely and facing the realities of living and working through a pandemic. 

How to manage stress and anxiety in you and your team 

Adjusting to the new normal of working from home can generate stress and anxiety for you as a leader and for your team as well.  Watch this video for a helpful tip to manage this.

Maintaining focus during challenging times

 While working from home focus can be harder to maintain than in a regular work environment. Watch this video to learn what you can do to increase your focus while working remotely.

Having control in uncertain times – Part 1

Feel like you’re lacking control right now?
This is one area that leaders are finding difficult during this pandemic.
Learn the first tip to help with this issue.

Having control in uncertain times – part 2

The previous video tip focused on the feeling of not having control and what to do about it. This video extends this concept and shows you my second tip for how to overcome this sense of loss of control.

How to lead a team out of frustration or fear

Feeling or seeing more frustration lately? Frustration in yourself or your team members can affect team engagement and success. Watch this tip so you know how to manage it when it does come up.

Leaders: Managing your own frustration or fear 

When we ignore how we feel, pressure increases. Watch this video now to see what can be done when frustration or fear comes up for you.

Getting unstuck from negativity to acceptance & adjustment

Getting team members to adjust to a mindset that accepts the new reality is essential. Learn how to help move people towards accepting their current work situation and adjusting.

Getting your team back on track

 Have all of your team members adjusted to the new reality yet? Today’s video tip demonstrates an actionable strategy to help and have your team functioning well.

Leading different personalities

Notice a team member that has reduced or stopped communicating during meetings or behaving differently or passive-aggressively at times? 

Phases of unexpected change

 Unexpected change. It brings out different behaviours in our teams. Learn what behaviours are present in each phase and what you can do as a leader to help them and the rest of your team function effectively. 

Feeling guilty?

Guilt. Been feeling it in one way or another lately? Is it related to: working from home, your kids, doing well while others are doing it tough or something else? What should we do when we feel this guilt? Watch this tip.

Overcoming Overwhelm – Part 1

 Feeling a sense of overload since you started working from home? Is it just because you’re working from home or something else? You needn’t feel like you’re resigned to feel this way as long as you’re working from home.

Overcoming Overwhelm – Part 2

Google, Nike, Goldman Sachs and Apple use this tactic to help their team manage feelings of overwhelm or overload. Learn the strategy that when applied regularly makes a big difference to leaders and their teams. Note: consistency is key with this one.

Feeling invisible?

Feeling somewhat invisible since you begun working from home? Perhaps you are feeling it with your colleagues, your managers or if you’re a business owner, your valued networks. So, what can be done about it? Try today’s tip.

Post-pandemic: Reentry, Recovery, Rebuild

With the first of the restrictions being lifted this weekend, there is a sense of light at the end of the tunnel. How will your team cope post-pandemic to re-enter, recover and rebuild?

Framing the crisis for your team

When you think of an exceptional leader throughout a crisis, who springs to mind for you? What are the key things that make an exceptional leader in unprecedented situations? 

Post-Pandemic Planning

How you lead now is your legacy. What can we learn from exceptional leaders before us? What can you do to cope with the current pressures and come out the other side of this pandemic?

Sharing bad news in already challenging times 

Being prepared for how to deliver bad news in what are already challenging times is something many leaders have already had to do and for many, are likely still yet to do. Even in times of trouble, there is opportunity for business and its’ people. 

Humour in a pandemic

How do you support people through significant or prolonged change? These last two steps of Churchill’s framework are what rounds out the eight pillars of exceptional leadership. Are you ready to lead your team out of this pandemic? To what degree?