The Prosperous Executive


Executive Coaching

Being an Executive can be a lonely place with few people you can trust to problem solve, seek input and advice and help you navigate during times of stress towards greater performance.   

I am passionate about helping Executives create trusted relationships with their key stakeholders and help them build skills and confidence to have difficult conversations. This increases trust and accountability with their peers, board and those they lead, that empowers them to transform outcomes and results.

I also help Executives develop a strategic plan and approach to transition to their next opportunity.

My framework is built on practical strategies based on scientific evidence from The Prosperous Mind, Leader & Workplace  framework which aims to provide short and long term sustainable change.


  • Build trust among Executive and Board leading to faster goal achievement
  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Increased confidence and skills in key stakeholder management and engagement
  • Skills and confidence to build important professional networks for future opportunities
  • Improve skill to receive and give feedback to Leadership team/s
  • Skills and confidence to have difficult conversations with positive outcomes
  • Manage stress effectively and improve resilience
  • Increased accountability for behaviours, actions and outcomes
  • Clarity regarding values, purpose and short and long-term goals
  • Skills and clear strategy of how to overcome obstacles
  • Ability to lead team members towards important goals
  • Clear 10 year plan of your long term Executive career

A strategic 5 and 10 year plan linked to specific 30 and 90 day goals

The Evidence:

Transformation involves processes such as new thinking, commitment and purpose which can positively influence (and inspire) new behaviour.

Inspiration energises and motivates us to overcome obstacles so that we can pursue important and valued goals

Program Structure and Costs:

  • Our programs are tailored to the Executive’s goals
  • Typically these are 6 or 12 month programs
  • Sessions are 1-1.5 hours, typically meeting every 3-6 weeks
  • Agreed actions are encouraged to complete before the following session
  • A meeting with the Executive and their CEO or nominated Board member can be included prior to commencement to clarify coaching goals
  • Most programs provide email and phone support in between sessions
  • Program costs range from $5.5K – $12K + GST.

Sessions are conducted via video conference or in person

Like to know more?  

Email or chat with me to explore if my programs are going to provide value for you or your organisation.