Did you know there is scientific evidence that grateful people are more resilient to stress at work?


Grateful employees are able to see past a disaster and see their gains. Right now, that seems important. So how do you cultivate this in your workplace?


Robert Emmons, a world leading expert on gratitude recommends these questions following a difficult experience. If you are a Leader why not include these at your next team meeting or off site retreat or conference.

1. What experience did this lesson teach us?

2. Can we find ways to be thankful for what happened now, even if at the time we didn’t feel that way?

3. What ability did the experience draw out us that surprised us?

4. Are there ways we have become a better workplace because of it?

5. Has the experience removed an obstacle that previously prevented us from being grateful?

I hope you get value from the tips above.

Margie Ireland

Margie Ireland, Director of Connect-Inspire-Transform,  works with CEO’s, executives, HR professionals, managers and leaders. Margie is a Psychologist with a strong commercial background of 25 years and specialises in supporting highly capable leaders to thrive in challenging times. To discuss your needs and to book an initial no-obligation 15 minute call.  Alternatively, take a look at Margie’s Tailored Leadership Coaching packages.