Happy Healthy Female Leaders program is a professional development program tailored specifically for women who may be stuck, yet wanting to grow their Leadership career.

Women approach ‘Mindset, Boundaries and Visibility’ differently to men which in some industries explains why we are not seeing more women in leadership roles. These factors can influence whether a person will have greater professional success.  If you are a female leader it is not unusual to have these feelings or issues:

Key Outcomes from the Program

  • Achieve short and long term professional goals, KPIs or development plan objectives, AND with greater ease.
  • Adopt a healthy growth mindset that also positively impacts peers, and direct reports.
  • Develop a far more effective and healthier relationship with management, ELT and board.
  • Create clearer, healthier and more effective boundaries that result in better work-life-balance.
  • Become more visible through developing greater self-confidence and, or skills to be not only seen, but recognised for positively impacting team and organisational effectiveness and performance.
  • Have a healthier relationship with the inner critic AND learn new ways to win over external critics.
  • Guilt, anxiety, stress, bad sleep and too much wine, will no longer be a norm.
  • Confidence, clear thought and sailing tough days WILL be the new norm.

Why Listen to Margie

I have helped many women push through barriers they thought they couldn’t.

My first career was in IT, starting in the late 80s. Do you know how many women I worked with…?  One.

In 2013 I left a highly successful career in Executive Recruitment to study Psychology full-time. My last role in recruitment was in Mining and Resources. Don’t get me started on how much work needs to be done there to encourage women, young and older to be successful in this sector!

For over 25 years I have helped people develop the confidence to change jobs, build their Leadership presence and capability and have the professional success they want.

I have lead teams, sometimes well and sometimes not so well and made good and bad decisions about my career along the way. This experience means I get it can be tough out there. I have learnt a lot! And not just through my training to be a Psychologist, in life too. 

Balancing parenting, studying and leading and then starting a business are all in my recent past.

If I haven’t walked in your shoes, with the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people I have interviewed and coached there will be someone I have helped that may be just like you.

I am, Margie Ireland, Leadership Expert, Career Coach and Psychologist and Dog Lover.

I am going to share proven strategies that are helping Women transform their careers and get their seat at the Leadership and Executive table. 

How to Proceed to Create Change in your Career

Step 1

Step 1

Discuss your issues and goals followed with a recommenced program and quote

Step 2

Step 2

Complete your pre-coaching questionnaire

Step 3

Step 3

Book first session online or via Zoom

What is the cost to you if you don’t take control of your Career?

  • Your work could take hold, while you career goes nowhere due to feeling a sense of always being behind with no time to focus on what will improve your career.
  • Missing out on opportunities due to a lack of confidence or skill on how to be a front runner.
  • Your overall wellbeing continues to decline.
  • Continued sense of not being good enough or doing enough. While seeing others achieve past you.
  • Resentment at work & home

Urban Dictionary meaning of ‘madness.’

“Keep doing the same thing and expect different results.”

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