Stressed Leaders and disengaged teams = bad results


It will get worse if you don’t change this now


Your Leaders and your teams can return to to their full potential & shine


If you are a:

  • CEO
  • Business Owner
  • Executive
  • HR Director
  • Organisational Development Manager; or
  • An individual in a leadership role

Who is experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Conflict within your team
  • Lack of trust within your leadership team
  • Poor team cohesiveness
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Difficult team members
  • Want to help staff who are exiting leave on good terms; or
  • Looking to turn around underperforming teams

Or perhaps you want to:

  • Reduce poor feedback about your leadership style
  • Have those ‘difficult but necessary’ conversations with your peers
  • Better manage stress at work
  • Better manage the challenges of work and home life
  • Achieve your KPI’s
  • Make a successful career change
  • Transition well into a new leadership or executive role
  • Be a better leader
  • Reach your potential; or
  • Be able to spend more of your time on proactive activities and less ‘putting out fires’

What on this list can you change today?  


What difference would that make this week, next month or next year if you made that change?

You know what, change can be hard. I get it. 


I changed my career, my health, my relationships. But I can honestly say that some of it was not as hard as I expected.


What if you mastered one of these? What difference would that make for you?


  • Dealing with difficult conversations in a confident and positive way
  • Spend energy on the higher level work you need and want to focus on
  • Trusted relationships with Peers
  • Lead higher performing teams
  • Improve your feedback scores about leadership style
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Become more trustworthy and generate more engagement with your team
  • Experience less stress (as individuals and teams)
  • Reduce overwhelm from work and life obligations
  • Feel ‘back on track’ and working to potential
  • Feel more enthusiastic about your work; and
  • Feel more positive about your role and the future

Shouldn’t I know how to do this already?
As leaders we place big expectations on ourselves and can feel as though we should be able to LIKE YOU: deal with our own challenges. You can totally do this yourself but how long will it take you? The alternative is to fast track the positive outcome with the help of someone who helps resolve these issues for people everyday so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

We can’t afford this support – it’s not in the budget
In life we’ve all been faced with the dilemma of not having the budget for what we need. How is this issue you’re facing costing you financially or emotionally? How much longer will it persist? How different would you feel, or how would your work or family life be right now if you had professional help to navigate these challenges?

I’ve had a mentor or coach before. Why would Margie’s approach be more effective?
Every mentor or coach has their strengths and weaknesses however if you’re experiencing any of the above issues, these are specifically what Margie specialises in, backed by qualifications in human behaviour, performance and wellbeing. Her ability to help individuals overcome these difficulties is what she is best known for.

Is this the right time for me?
But chances are, you’re here because you’ve already had a go and you haven’t had any luck to date. If you don’t see value in engaging a process that will require you to consider new thinking, then now is not the right time for you. If however, you are committed to overcoming this hurdle so you can move on with your work and life, then now is the time for you.

Perhaps you feel as though you should be making a greater impact when it comes to resolving your own or team issues.

Perhaps you’re frustrated by your inability to turn around an underperforming team. Maybe you’re concerned about the broader impact that these issues may be having on the workplace culture… While you’re working on these issues, are you concerned about the financial impact it may be having on the business in the short or long-term?

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried a range of approaches to solve these problems but it doesn’t seem to be having the long-term effect you’d hoped for…

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to go it alone. Margie Ireland has worked extensively with leaders, executives, businesses and organisations for impactful change

Depending on the depth of involvement, below are a list of some of the outcomes working with me:

  • More trusting, cohesive teams
  • Leaders achieving their potential
  • Less tension in team meetings
  • Improved KPI’s
  • Successfully exiting problematic individuals on good terms
  • Less workplace gossip and damaging conflict
  • Difficult conversations being had that need to be had
  • A reduction in time spent on reactive problem solving and having more time on ‘bigger picture’ tasks
  • Successful role or career transitions

What do you need?

Help Me Be A Better Leader

Helping individuals to Transform their Leadership style and capability:

  • Educating you on different leadership approaches and Transformational Leadership principles
  • Help you understand your Leadership style and what is working, and what isn’t
  • Educate you on what negatively impacts your Leadership style and Peer relationships
  • Help you confidently engage in difficult conversations
  • Provide you new strategies to lead during times of stress and change
  • Practice implementing new approaches in communication, goal setting and performance management that you can sustain long term.


Help Me Change Career

Helping you transition into a New Career:

  • Help you with new thinking and ideas regarding your career
  • Explore what you have to offer that might be outside your current segment or industry
  • Support you through your exit from a role / organisations
  • Provide you practical advice and tips with Resume, Job Applications and LinkedIn
  • Provide strategies and tools on how to maximise your value proposition and personal brand
  • Build your confidence regarding networking conversations and interview training
  • Career Plan that includes immediate actions connected to your short and longer term Career aspirations


Help Me Be A Better Executive

Helping you to step up to be a respected and successful Executive:

  • Provide tools and strategies to build relationships amongst your Executive team
  • Understand what gets in the way of having a trusted relationship with your peers and how to improve that
  • Build your confidence and skill to have difficult conversations
  • Develop your self-awareness around your approach and what might be getting in the way
  • Explore what is impacting your Leaders and their teams and how to support them


Help Me Have More Impact With My Peers and Team

Moving broken teams out of unproductive cycles towards teamwork and high performance

  • Educating you and your team on what leads to conflict & unproductive meetings
  • Providing you and your team with new strategies that build trust
  • Practice new ways to approach and have difficult conversations
  • Help your team embrace commitment and accountability
  • Set clear step by step team goals that lead to effective teamwork, goal success and high performance


When I embarked on my thesis research investigating what influences a leader’s capability to thrive and perform what I discovered was that, 90% of Leaders are unaware of their Leadership style.


How frustrating!


Particularly when most Leaders I work with desire to reach their full potential

No doubt your situation will be unique to everyone else.

Book a call here to find out how we can help you.

Discuss what needs to change and by when

How you would like that delivered 

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Hi! I’m Margie Ireland.

I love what I do, and my goal in life is to help as many people as I can love their work. We spend so much time working, and my training and life experience has shown me that when we work towards our potential, everything is better. I am helping many leaders reach their potential, and their feedback after completing my programs is they have a new way of thinking and being that is immediately impacting their work and life.

The great news is clients I worked with years ago, tell me they continue to practice the strategies they have learnt as they are practical and effective.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals so you can be the leader or executive you want to be, sooner.

Leadership Coach | Workplace Psychologist
Margie Ireland.