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Connecting Teams . Inspiring Leaders . Transforming Performance

What we are really good at is….

  • Connecting Teams to get back on the same page
  • Inspiring Leaders to commit and be accountable for individual and team performance
  • Transform Culture and Performance towards RESULTS

C-I-T HELPS individuals and teams who are not achieving their full potential. We help leaders and their teams recognise how ineffective behaviours at work result in low morale and performance. We help and coach leaders and teams build new maps towards professional prosperity.  Our programs promote renewed inspiration that transforms individual and organisational wellbeing and performance that results in long-term sustainable change.


C-I-T Services

  • Leadership Coaching – Tailored Programs
  • Team building and performance workshops such as:
    • Rebuild Trust in Teams
    • Reduce Stress and Burnout
    • Personality and Leadership styles used more effectively
    • Mindfulness at Work
  • 360 Assessment Delivery and Training
  • Coach the Coach – long term change
  • Tailored Career Transition and Outplacement
  • Tailored Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Home of The Prosperous Mind

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