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Why Listen to me?

My first career was in IT, starting in the late 80s. Do you know how many women I worked with…?  One.

In 2013 I left a highly successful career in Executive Recruitment to study Psychology full-time. My last role in recruitment was in Mining and Resources. Don’t get me started on how much work needs to be done there with gender diversity!

For over 25 years I have helped people change jobs, build their Leadership presence and capability and have the professional success they want.

I have lead teams, sometimes well and sometimes not so well and made good and bad decisions about my career along the way. Learnt a lot!

Balancing parenting, studying and leading and then starting a business are all in my recent past.

If I haven’t walked in your shoes, with the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people I have interviewed and coached there will be someone I have helped that maybe just like you.

I am, Margie Ireland, Leadership Expert, Career Coach and Psychologist and Dog Lover.

I am going to share proven strategies that are helping Women all over the world transform their careers and get their seat at the Leadership and Executive table.  

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