Let’s Kick Ass in 2020!


Is 2020 going to be your best year yet!?


Is 2020 and the next decade your time of reaching your maximum potential? 


Is 2020 when you go after that promotion, raise or career change? 


And in 2020 do you want to create boundaries around your work and life and still achieve your professional goals?


Sister, 2020 Kick Ass is COMING! 


→  You will understand, and unlock the key to how women roll differently, and how to use this to your advantage, enabling you to overcome any obstacle. 



→  Plus how to navigate stress, gender bias and work/life/balance



→  And build a professional network of like-minded women who also plan to Kick Ass in 2020.



→  You will learn new strategies that are going to KICK the ASS out of your career in 2020.


Ladies, lets help each other Kick Ass in 2020 and beyond!

Is this you?


  • Feel invisible and not getting the career opportunities you expected?

  • Struggle to set boundaries around your work and life?

  • Working in a misogynistic workplace?

  • Want to be respected as a Leader and / or Executive

  • Want to be able to negotiate pay increases and other conditions better?

  • Know your mindset is not in a good place and want to change that?

  • Cant leave your job right now but need a plan to?

  • Need some practical advice on how to deal with difficult people and stress?

  • You have big goals for 2020 but not sure how to achieve them?

  • Want to kick ass in 2020?


Yes to 1 or all?

Sisters Kick Ass 2020 is for YOU! 


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So What is

Sisters Kick Ass 2020!?


This will be your kryptonite for negative self-talk, negative people and negative environments.


You will be able to step back and make the right decisions for you and your career. 


You are going to sleep and eat better, armed with new resilience, skills and confidence to go after and have the career you want.


Sneak Peak

2020 – 1 year program  


Kick Ass Move 1:  Very special Online Program

An Online Program that is going to educate, assess and action your career towards what is important to you.  And don’t worry if you don’t know how or what that is yet!  

Most importantly, here you will also learn how to maintain a positive Mindset that connects with your values and goals. 

Kick Ass Move 2: Connect and Grow

Once you have completed your Online program you will be invited to join a global community of Women supporting Women who also want to Kick Ass in 2020. 

75% of high ranking women in a recent study done by Notra Dame University in the US were part of a network group for women.

The main purpose of this group is an opportunity for you to continue developing the skills you have learnt, by sharing with others who are also actioning their new strategies. You will be invited to join a Private Facebook group where you can share your learnings and triumphs with like minded women.  

Kick Ass Move 3: Activate and Embed

Monthly Webinar with me and your new sisterhood. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences be it a road block or a victory!  Plus I will continue to update and educate you on any new research or approaches I am seeing work for women. 

Margie Ireland - Founder Sister Kick Ass 2020

Ready to Kick Ass in 2020?!  Sign up below. 

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Honestly, this is the bit I am still working out.  And would love your feedback. 


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Why Listen to me?

My first career was in IT, starting in the late 80s. Do you know how many women I worked with…?  One.

5 years ago I left a career in Executive Recruitment in Mining and Resources to study full time. Don’t get me started on how much work needs to be done there with gender diversity!

For over 20 years I have helped people change jobs, and build careers.

I have lead teams, sometimes well and sometimes not so well and made good and bad decisions about my career along the way.

Balancing parenting, studying and leading and then starting a business are all in my recent past.

If I haven’t walked in your shoes, with the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people I have interviewed and coached there will be someone I have helped that maybe just like you.

I am, Margie Ireland, Leadership Expert, Career Coach and Psychologist and Dog Lover.

I am going to share proven strategies that are helping Women all over the world transform their careers and get their seat at the Leadership and Executive table.  

Sister, it is time for you to Kick Ass in 2020!