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Would you like to Help your Leaders Perform even during Stress and get more done?

Trust + commitment + accountability = Team Magic & Success


We know this.  

Most organisations aim to achieve this, and in some cases expect this. 

Most individuals desire to be their best and reach their potential.

Yet even with all this knowledge, commitment, focus and hard work, some teams don’t get there. 

Some need a little help.

Some need a lot.

Common signs of a team in trouble:

  • Noticeable change in communication (reduced and defensive)

  • More gossip than normal, and silos emerging

  • Conflict that is negative resulting in avoidance, tears or anger

  • Increase in absenteeism or turnover

  • Decrease in hours at work

  • Drop in performance that is not related to other factors (e.g.,  unexpected change)

If not addressed quickly and effectively these issues can lead to:.

  • Breakdown in trust

  • Lack of commitment and accountability 

  • Blame culture in this team and others 

  • Low morale impacting other teams 

  • Good people leaving

  • Bad employer brand

  • Bad financial results

How much could this cost you if not addressed now?

Would you like to Help your Leaders Perform during Stress and get even more done?


Case Example

Margie Ireland, Principal Leadership Coach 

There are good people in this organisation, but it was becoming obvious through certain behaviours (procrastination, lateness, increased absenteeism, defensiveness and aggressive behaviour) may be the result of poor stress management, and a lack of confidence and ability to have difficult conversations. This was also leading to unwanted resignations. After conducting 360 and climate surveys I was able to confirm that Leaders and their people were not communicating, experiencing high levels of stress and were not feeling appreciated for their work. This organisation had tried a variety of different incentive schemes, fun and interactive team building activities and flexible work. The Executive Leadership team and HR were frustrated as they believed they largely have the right people and wanted to support them.

With the support of HR and the Leadership, I implemented The Prosperous Mind, Leader and Workplace framework and over 12 months we had a positive shift in individual 360 feedback loops, stopped 3 resignations of people the organisation valued, and trust scores amongst 3 teams, including the Executive Leadership team increased significantly which opened the door to have difficult conversations.

These are some of the results:


We help Leaders and their teams get back on the same page so that individuals and organisations can achieve important and aspirational goals. 


What is your key team issue? Or do you need help uncovering these?

Margie, our Principal Leadership Expert is happy to have an initial chat with you to explore your unique context.

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Team Performance Programs

We have a variety of approaches that uncover team issues and bring teams together, that are provided through 2 key programs below.

Program 1:

“My” Prosperous Workplace – Workshops

These workshops help teams get back on the same page, through learning about what can negatively influence team performance and new skills to build trust, team work and high performance.

Current workshops are:

  • The Prosperous Workplace – Introduction to what impacts performance
  • Stress and Burnout – How to recognise and work through it
  • The Gender Debate – How gender impacts Leadership opportunity & development
  • Personality and Stress – How this influences Leadership style
  • Navigating through Career Change – Career Transition Strategies
  • 360 Feedback – How to use deliver and use feedback effectively
  • Mindfulness at Work – Why is this so popular and how do we implement it?

Most popular workshop How to perform during Stress and get more done!

Structure and Fees:

  • These workshops provide experiential learning where participants are provided education and encouraged to practice what they have learnt.
  • Workshops are typically 1-1.5 hours. These work well over a team lunch.
  • These can be delivered in my boardroom, or on your premises or event.
  • Fees: $2K AUD (+ GST) per workshop
  • They can also be joined together and modified for conferences or half day events (contact me for a fee)
  • Fees are exclusive of catering, travel or accomodation costs
  • My boardroom is an excellent space for up to 12 participants at no charge.

Program 2:

“My” Prosperous Team – tailored programs

This a program is tailored for specific teams with the following expected outcomes:

  • A new depth of trust within the team
  • Leaders spending less time procrastinating and “doing”
  • Team members have greater confidence and skill to have difficult conversations
  • Faster and more effective decision making
  • Leaders effectively managing conflict and difficult conversations
  • How to work as a cohesive team during times of stress and change
  • Less Gossip
  • Increased accountability and results at an individual and team level
  • Leader and team able to agree and set specific 30, 90 day and 1 year goals
  • Changes made, become an automatic way the team work together, are sustainable and typically positively influence organisational culture

Structure and Fee:

  • Pre-assessment and identification of team issues
  • Introductory workshop explaining the program and process and establish 1 year goals and agreed 30 or 90 day actions
  • Typically 30 or 90 day team sessions which are to review progress and process. Difficult conversations are encouraged to be had at these sessions to foster trust and have positive conflict
  • An anonymous survey is completed by each participant following each session to measure progress
  • Fees for this program will depend on number of team members, number of teams, and how often the team will meet.  Please organise a free 30 minute consult on the link below to discuss.

Maybe it is a bit of both?



The Evidence:

  • The research indicates that employees who engage as a team experience less sick leave, greater performance and overall well-being

Both programs are based on my product framework The Prosperous Mind, Leader & Workplace 

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