Perform even during Times of Stress

Creating Resilient Leaders who can Thrive during Stress



The bottom line of all organisations and businesses is to be profitable. And with the right leadership team they can thrive in any economic environment.

But great leaders aren’t always born. Sometimes they need to be created.

Connect-Inspire-Transform Leadership programs offer a pro-active strategy allowing your organisation to create adaptable and resilient Leadership teams that help your business succeed.


Even during times of Stress and Change

Is this you or your Leaders?

  • Experiencing higher levels of stress in the workplace due to change, economic climate, other external factors
  • May be avoiding difficult conversations which are impacting team morale and performance
  • Desire to learn new strategies to help self and team members be less reactive to situations and current climate
  • Aware your mindset needs a bit of reset as a result of a long period of stress and long hours
  • Not reaching your potential and needs some simple yet effective ways you can get back on track
  • Develop self-awareness of Leadership style after receiving unexpected feedback
  • Looking for new and proven ways to increase team morale, wellbeng and performance

This workshop aims to:

  • Educate Leaders and how to reset faster during times of stress and change and help their teams do the same
  • How to adapt Leadership approaches during times of stress and change
  • Help leaders develop self-awareness regarding their Leadership style (and what might be getting in the way)
  • Develop skills and confidence to have difficult conversations
  • Understand what impacts individual and team stress, morale and performance
  • Renewed confidence and skill to work towards important individual, team and organisational goals even during times of stress and change

Meet your Workshop Facilitator:

Margie Ireland

Leadership Expert & Psychologist

Bachelor Behavioural Science Honours

Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Passionate about People and their Work

Dog Lover, Fitness fanatic and lover of Lindt balls

Check me out on LinkedIn

Workshop Bonuses

Tailored to your Needs

Margie will meet with you to ensure that you and your team get the most value out of this workshop by tailoring towards your unique organisational goals. 

“My Prosperous Leadership Plan”

  • Develop your Prosperous Leader Plan integrating everything you have learnt from the day that you plan to implement over the next 12 months, including 30 and 90-day actions, allowing you to implement change now. Showing you how to Perform during times of stress and actually get more done

Free One-on-One Live Coaching Session

  • Embed your Learnings and Plan to your unique environment with our Leadership Expert and Coach, Margie Ireland.


Full day Workshop – 8K + GST (Based on up to 12 people with above inclusions)

If you require a shorter or half day workshop please go here for our Mindset & getting Shi…t done Workshop. 

Cost may vary pending on how much customisation you require and how many participants will be attending.  It is important that all attendees get the value they need and help putting together their plan together.

After meeting you and understanding your unique needs and objectives, Margie will provide an exact cost for the workshop.

What others have said about Margie’s Workshops: 

“Practical and Relevant.”

“I always find Margie’s sessions enteratining and motivating”

“I most enjoyed the awareness it has given me about the many aspects of work-life-balance and the challenges I face on a daily baisis.”

“Margie was able to bring fun to the room, which made it easier to raise anything difficult.”

“It was a relief to know I am not the only one that has negative thoughts about my abilities”

“All the context was communicated and explained well, and I look forward to the changes over the next 12 months.”  

“Great and practical session with immediate take-aways”


Please email me some more details on this workshop first

Send us an email at info@connect-inspire-transform

Just pop in the header “Workshop info please”.