Any Leader struggles during times of stress and change


However if no support is provided bad decisions and unwanted resignations increase


Learn simple ways to become a respected, valued and stress-less leader who has more time for self, family and health.

The Prosperous Leader Programs    

Learn simple ways to become a respected, valued and stress-less leader that doesn’t negatively impact more time for yourself, family and health.

The Prosperous Leader

Executive & Leadership Coaching Programs

Helping Leaders navigate uncertain and changing landscapes with a resilience and confidence, transforming them from good to Great. Helping them with a Mind-set shift that unhooks them to reach their potential and inspire their team to do the same. 

  • Educating Leaders on different leadership approaches and Transformational Leadership principles
  • Providing new strategies to lead during times of stress and change
  • Helping leaders develop self-awareness regarding their Leadership style
  • Educating Leaders on Mind-set and Mind-health issues that impact Leadership and team behaviours
  • Helping leaders engage in difficult conversations
  • Providing new strategies to lead during times of stress and change
  • Practicing and implementing new approaches in communication, goal setting and performance management.


My Prosperous Career

Positive Career Transition Programs

Providing positive exits for Leaders and their employer

  • Supporting Leaders at, during or through the announcement of their redundancy or exit
  • Helping Leaders with new thinking regarding this change
  • Providing practical advice and tips with Resume, Job Applications and LinkedIn
  • Provide strategie and tools on how to maximise their value proposition and personal brand
  • Practice of networking conversations and interview training
  • Career Plan that includes immediate actions connected to longer term Career aspirations


Not sure what you need?

Depending on the depth of involvement, below are a list of some of the outcomes
realised upon completion of Margie’s engagement:

  • More trusting, cohesive teams
  • Leaders achieving their potential
  • Less tension in team meetings
  • Reduction in micromanaging of teams
  • Greater self-awareness of behaviour at a leadership level
  • Improved accountability
  • More energy, enthusiasm and belief in the work being done
  • Leaders who rely less on HR and are increasingly managing problems more independently
  • Successfully exiting problematic individuals on good terms
  • Less workplace gossip and damaging conflict
  • Difficult conversations being had that need to be had
  • Business owners/HR spending less time on reactive problem solving and spending more time on ‘bigger picture’ tasks

Hi! I’m Margie Ireland.

I love what I do, and my goal in life is to help as many people as I can love their work. We spend so much time working, and my training and life experience has shown me that when we work towards our potential, everything is better. I am helping many leaders reach their potential, and their feedback after completing my programs is they have a new way of thinking and being that is immediately impacting their work and life.

The great news is clients I worked with years ago, tell me they continue to practice the strategies they have learnt as they are practical and effective.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals so you can be the leader or executive you want to be, sooner.

Leadership Coach | Workplace Psychologist
Margie Ireland.