Amplify your Leadership Career 

Is this you?

  • Frustrated at the progress of your career and believe you should be further ahead 
  • Even though last year was unexpected and tough you feel like you could have done better but couldn’t have worked any harder?
  • Frustrated that more working from home last year DID NOT lead to more work/life/balance?
  • Tired of negotiating with the “inner critic” in your head?
  • Feel invisible and not getting the career opportunities you expected?
  • Working in an environment that does not truly encourage women to progress
  • Want to be respected as a Leader and / or Executive
  • Want to be able to negotiate pay increases and other conditions better?
  • Know your mindset is not in a good place and want to change that?
  • Cant leave your job right now but need a plan to?
  • Need some practical advice on how to deal with difficult people and stress?
  • You have big goals for 2021 and beyond but not sure how to achieve them?

If you had a yes to any of these, you are not alone.  

There are 3 key factors that influence whether a person (female or male) will have greater professional success. 

1. Mindset

2. Boundaries

3. Visibility

In my 15+ year experience in Leadership recruitment, my more recent extensive research as a psychologist in leadership wellbeing and my own personal experience, tells me that women approach these 3 key factors differently to men.  

This difference may also explain why we still are not seeing more women in Leadership roles.


Amplify Your Leadership Career

Coaching Programs for Women

My programs are tailored to your unique obstacles and aspirations. 

Your program will focus on which of the 3 key areas you need the most help with. 

  • In your first session we will explore what is holding you back from having the career and success you want.
  • In the following sessions you will learn about the 3 key skills to help you overcome what might be holding you back, but also set you up for your short and long term goals. 
  • You will learn how to develop a growth mindset about yourself and others.
  • You will find a new way to navigate Work Life Balance and boundaries.
  • You will learn how to be Visible and shatter any glass ceiling affect that may be holding you back.
  • You will have a healthier relationship with your inner critic, AND be able to overcome and even win over your external critics.
  • Guilt, anxiety, stress, bad sleep and too much wine, will no longer be your norm.
  • Confidence, clear thought and sailing tough days WILL, be your new norm.
  • You will have clear 30 day action steps, that is guided by your 10 year professional plan
  • And most importantly you will achieve your 1 year goals.

Your program can be linked to your professional development plan allowing your employer to fund this program. An overview of the program will be provided to your sponsor or employer. All sessions are strictly confidential. 

Sessions can be conducted via zoom for your convenience. All time zones can be accommodated. 

This program will require you to put aside 2-3 hours per month.

“Keep doing the same thing and expect the same result” Urban dictionary definition of madness.

To find out if this program is for you, book a discovery call (30 minutes) with Margie below. 

What is the cost to you if you don’t take control of your Career?

  • Your work could take hold, while you career goes nowhere due to feeling a sense of always being behind with no time to focus on what will improve your career.

  • Missing out on opportunities due to a lack of confidence or skill on how to be a front runner.

  • Your overall wellbeing continues to decline. 

  • Continued sense of not being good enough or doing enough. While seeing others achieve past you. 

  • Resentment at work, home…. need I go on?

I have helped many women push through barriers they thought they couldn’t. Now its your turn.  


Why Listen to me?

My first career was in IT, starting in the late 80s. Do you know how many women I worked with…?  One.

In 2013 I left a highly successful career in Executive Recruitment to study Psychology full-time. My last role in recruitment was in Mining and Resources. Don’t get me started on how much work needs to be done there to encourage women, young and older to be successful in this sector!

For over 25 years I have helped people develop the confidence to change jobs, build their Leadership presence and capability and have the professional success they want.

I have lead teams, sometimes well and sometimes not so well and made good and bad decisions about my career along the way. This experience means I get it can be tough out there. I have learnt a lot! And not just through my training to be a Psychologist, in life too. 

Balancing parenting, studying and leading and then starting a business are all in my recent past.

If I haven’t walked in your shoes, with the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people I have interviewed and coached there will be someone I have helped that maybe just like you.

I am, Margie Ireland, Leadership Expert, Career Coach and Psychologist and Dog Lover.

I am going to share proven strategies that are helping Women transform their careers and get their seat at the Leadership and Executive table.  

Is it time for you to take the step to Kick Ass in 2021?